How to look like a scripter 101.

How does he hit every single one?

– Erik “DoA” Lonnquist

If fans of LoL esports were asked who’s the most famous support player of all time, odds are that MadLife would be the top choice for many. Hong “MadLife” Min-gi became a superstar player in a role that many considered nothing but an afterthought at the time. But MadLife showed the world that Supports can carry games and showcase mechanics that would blow your mind.

The MadLife hook is very simple in essence, it refers to using a champion with a hook ability – most commonly Thresh, but also Blitzcrank (and more recently Pyke) – and throwing the hook in the direction you think the target will dash or flash to.

It’s a purely predictive play that requires immaculate knowledge of the distances of various dashing abilities as well as accurate reads about the opponent’s play style. It’s a play that either looks spectacular when you land the hook, or very dumb when you don’t. But MadLife landed so many that he will forever be remembered for it.






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