Gold Difference is just a number

Fakers Shockwave will find them all!!!

– Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines

Worlds 2017, Group stages, Day 2. Things had gotten spicy between reigning champions SKT T1, and LPL’s EDG. The latter had amassed a 10k gold lead at 28 minutes, and were looking dominant and poised to take the win in that game.

SKT, however, had other plans. An immaculately coordinated engage spearheaded by Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan set up an amazing wombo combo of abilities that absolutely annihilated EDG. Rakan engage into Cho’Gath knock-up, into Orianna shockwave, Twitch ultimate and J4 ultimate. Almost picture perfect layering of massive AOE CC and Damage.

As they say, the game isn’t over until the Nexus blows. And SKT showed that a 10k gold deficit was nothing in the face of a well set up play. 


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