Pikachu Angry


– Trevor “Quickshot” Henry & Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels

Few things in League of Legends are as satisfying as major AOE ultimates that destroy a whole enemy team. Just like ForellenLords 3k Elo Shockwave all those years ago, ROX Smeb’s Kennen Ultimate in 2016 Worlds against G2, was a thing of beauty that instantly turned a teamfight and lead his team to victory.

It all started with posturing around the mid lane and G2 deciding to engage with Olaf. As ROX peels back and focuses on the Olaf till he’s forced to disengage, they see an opening. Kuro’s Malzahar and GorillA’s Soraka both use their AOE silence fields on the G2 team, opening the doors for an un-counterable Kennen ultimate engage.

G2’s entire team is instantly deleted off the rift and the rest is history.




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