The YellOwStaR

Flash. Miss. Miss. Miss. Ping.


– Owen Wi… Trevor “Quickshot” Henry

YellOwStaR is considered to be one of the best support players in League of Legends history. However most of that fame comes from his legendary shotcalling. His mechanics on the other hand…

During the 2014 EU LCS Spring Split, in a game against Alliance, YellOwStaR sees the enemy support, Nyph on Leona, out of position. He knows what he needs to do. Hook, Box, Flay into Box and Lantern in the carry and get an easy kill.

A swing and a miss… miss… miss…

Missing absolutely everything, he wrote another line into the history books. The ultimate Thresh play fail. Often referred to as “Pulling a YellOwStaR”.






Joe Miller

Joe Miller

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