The day when Ocelote cried.

I do not believe it! He snuck in there, takes down the Nexus.

– Joe “Please Don’t Call Me Joe ‘Joe Miller’ Miller” Miller

The xPeke Backdoor is one of the most well known highlight plays in all of League of Legends. The play features Enrique “xPeke” Martinez on Kassadin who manages to solo destroy the enemy Nexus, while the enemy team was ever so close to destroying his. 

xPeke showcased incredibly calm nerves under pressure as he single-handedly beat down on the Nexus, while managing to outplay two opponents trying to stop him. 

Ever since, the xPeke Backdoor refers to any heroic play where a single person manages to win the game by destroying the Nexus of a broken base, while the enemy team is busy elsewhere.




Joe Miller

Joe Miller

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Leigh Smith

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